Exciting, creative, music production for media.


Always looking for a fresh approach and unafraid of exploring new ideas, Holley's music spans multiple genres and is inspired by the depth and variety of the projects he works across. He thrives on being taken in new directions, towards new emotions and in using new techniques and technologies. It's what makes him such a good fit as a media composer - creative collaboration leads the way.


In his varied career as a music composer, Holley has created music scores for entire TV series, feature films and video games, as well as production music (library) albums, short films, animation and TV themes. He also writes, records and produces music just to listen to. Understanding the workflows for all these different types of projects is crucial for delivering media on time, to budget and to the highest possible standards.


Creativity is a team effort. That's why good communication is always key to any successful project. Working to brief and to schedule while keeping strong contact with directors, producers, and other team members is of the upmost importance, and a key factor in Holley's workflow.


Holley is able to work with projects across all sizes and budgets to deliver efficiently produced, world class audio, whatever the scope.







Holley provides world class music, sound design and implementation for video games. More details of which can be found at www.ghostfoxaudio.com

Asset creation and implementation. Interactive, adaptive or simple looping music scores to fit any budget. Virtual reality augmented reality and ambisonic audio is also catered for. Unreal Engine, Unity, Fmod, Wwise, Elias. Take a look at some examples below, or get in touch for a more bespoke reel showcasing his work.



Holley owns a fully equipped music studio with 24 hour access ready for those late night deadlines​.


It its set up for both high quality digital production as well as authentic retro analogue production, complete with analogue desk, vintage microphones, instruments and tape machines. 


Live instruments can be recorded in the live room, everything from string quartets, to brass sections and rock bands.



Get in touch to talk about your next project, big or small. Whether you're a seasoned producer or this is your first time working with a composer, Holley is always happy for a chat!

email: hello@hgraymusic.com

tel: 07940558567

instagram: @holleygraymusic

twitter: @holleygraymusic

facebook: @hgraymusic